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Automated Testing for C and C++ Software
Accelerate product cycles and improve software quality
Customer Success
Cisco Systems embraced CrossTest within their high-end router QA group

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CrossTest Solution
Eliminate the need to write test scripts or maintain them when code changes

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CrossTest platform software, Version 4.1 is now shipping and a free trial is available

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CrossTest Benefits

Benefits to the Developer

'Test early, test often' is the mantra of agile developers. Defects detected early in the software life cycle cost an order of magnitude less to correct than defects discovered later in the development cycle. CrossTest enables developers to test during development, rather than defer testing until a subsequent QA phase, and deliver working software quickly with better software quality.

Benefits to the Tester

CrossTest enables software testers to quickly create and combine structural white-box testing and functional black-box testing. With CrossTest, developers can create tests as they code, and then pass these tests to the testing group for use in regression testing. Testers can leverage CrossTest's automated testing to rapidly regression test an entire application as features are added or changed. They can use its command-line interface to run automated regression test suites on a daily basis or on any schedule. Code coverage analysis helps testers meet functional testing goals and improve software quality through test strategies developed by knowing exactly what has or has not been tested.

Benefits to the Company

CrossTest makes complete testing feasible, even in resource constrained projects with tight development schedules. By making testing easier for developers and testers, CrossTest cuts development costs and time without compromising software quality, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and lower maintenance and support costs. In addition, CrossTest promotes the implementation of common development and testing practices throughout the entire development organization with total visibility into testing progress and product quality throughout the software development cycle. Overall, CrossTest helps customers save up to 50% of their software testing cycle time and costs.

Customer Success

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