CrossTest Releases New Platform for Automated Testing of Software Applications. CrossTest platform software, Version 4.1 is now shipping and a free trial is available.

Redwood City, CA -- CrossTest, the pioneer in software functional verification, announced today that CrossTest platform, version 4.1 software is now shipping. A free trial of the CrossTest software is now available to customers who want to evaluate it for automated testing of their C/C++ code.

With CrossTest customers can test every function and code path in their software without writing test scripts. This substantially cuts test time and enables customers to ship products with the highest quality even with tight schedule constraints.

CrossTest software version 4.1 supports the following feature enhancements:

  • Code coverage analysis for host and target based testing, clearly showing what source lines have or have not been tested
  • HTML reports that document test results and code coverage
  • Project refresh feature that automatically updates the battery of tests and flags issues when code changes
  • Fully automated cross-platform regression testing

"CrossTest software enables customers to build high quality software and accelerate their product cycles. Developers use CrossTest today to improve code coverage and software quality", said Khalid Sebti, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CrossTest Inc. "In addition, enterprise QA teams can use CrossTest to easily keep regression test suites current as application code evolves."

Coverage analysis CrossTest software supports code coverage analysis for testing software on the host or target device:

  • Function coverage: reports whether each function or procedure is invoked in the tests
  • Statement coverage: reports whether each executable statement is encountered
  • Coverage reporting: identifies coverage gaps by highlighting the covered statements in green and the statements not covered in red

    HTML test reports CrossTest software generates HTML test reports with a detailed analysis of test results tested functions, pass/fail, code coverage. Test reports can be viewed in a browser or saved in a repository, providing a historical view of the test runs.

    Project refresh When the source code of a project is changed, CrossTest software updates existing tests on behalf of the user and identifies areas that require new tests. This feature enables enterprise customers to automatically update regression test suites when code changes.

    Fully automated cross-platform regression testing In addition to an intuitive graphical user interface, CrossTest software can be controlled via a command line interface and integrated into automated build systems and test environments.

    CrossTest software version 4.1 is now available for testing customer's C/C++ applications on Windows, Linux and Solaris host environments runs on any processor architecture supported by the host operating systems and supports many target processor environments.

    About CrossTest CrossTest pioneered the functional verification approach for automated testing of software, empowering software teams to build in quality with increased code coverage, instead of focusing on traditional black-box testing to find bugs. With CrossTest, agile development teams can rely on an easy-to-use platform for generating test cases, running tests, and analyzing test results and code coverage at the click of a button. CrossTest offers a fully integrated platform for automated testing of C/C++ code that can accelerate product cycles and yield higher levels of software quality.